Sunday, 11 January 2009

chloe's birthday card she has picked

i was having a play around with a printable i bought off mazzies shop.... she has loads of printable designs and they are brilliant... i loved this little girl so i made up the pryamid... you get the insert and backing papers with the design... i love the paper but wanted something different so i printed off the insert on printable acertate(i so need more of this its brill) and used it as an outsert... i love the way it has turned out... so did my daughter chloe... she has claimed it for her birthday... so she has this card now off her sis and bro to give her and she has the stitch card i made.. she doesnt know about this one as i have hidden it from her.. or i will go back for it and it will be gone.. she would have given it to one of her friends for there she loves been able to go into my room and pick her friends cards...!!!


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, love it.

sparklybitsblog said...

great card kaz sorry if this comes up twice not sure if ist one went through

Bev said...

So cute - love that image Kazza