Friday, 14 August 2009

we have been busy with the forum

Hi everyone
just to let everyone know that the admin team on craftycardscrappers have been very busy doing the forum up... the front page is lookin good.. all the broken links have gone(thanks Sam) and we have had a good sort out of the forum... sorted out all the sections(thanks Clare)... and its lookin good...!!! we are hopin to re design the front page when we can... so keep an eye out... and any one wishin to pop over and have a look can do... you do have to register with the forum to get on.. but its well worth it... !!! and we have a section of wonderful shops for you to pick from to buy goodies from... !! and they all offer a brilliant service.. we are very proud of the shops we have... !!!!!! the site addy is
you should pop over and see us... its full of very nice crafters... there are rules.. no being nasty.. alway be polite.. and you need to post once every 2 weeks which is very easy to do.. there are a lovely bunch of crafter to speak to... includin
hope to see you all over there.... and anyone interesting in advertising there shop with us... we charge £10 per year(will be goin up to £15 soon so grab a bargin) and you get a banner with a direct link to your shop .. and you get to let everyone on the site know about all your new goodies that you have in your shop...!!! when every you wish to...!!!! and with all the members on the forum you will soon have your advertising fee back and more...!!!!

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