Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sorry i have not been around

hi everyone
sorry i have not been a round much... i lost my best mate of 26 years Sharron on the 18th July... just 2 weeks off her 4-th Birthday... and its been a hell of a time... and shock... still tryin to come to terms that i will not be see in her again... as we saw each other all the time ... phoned and text each other loads... just thought i;d let you all know i will be back soon...


laney said...

Kaz_za so sorry to hear you have lost your best friend, I'm sure the memories you have will give you strength and comfort
sending you a big hug

Sally said...

Hun.. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your best friend. I know from personal experience how hard that can be. Your many memories are what will get your through the tough times. Hang in there... Sending you lots of love and hugs... Am here if you need to chat..

laney said...

Hi Kazz_za
Thank you hun for the kind comment and nice to see you posting, hope things are a little better for you